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Alisa Cone Camberlan

©Photo: Bruce Bisenz

©Photo: Bruce Bisenz

Alisa was born in Cumberland, Maryland and moved to Los Angeles with her parents at age eighteen, where she continued her education. She started making art in the mid 60’s, working in oil pastels, and was inspired by the works of Kandinsky, Klee, Miro, Matta, Gorky and Chagall. She received her BA in Art from California State University, Long Beach. After working as a high fashion model here and in New York, she became intrigued with psychology. She earned an MA and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1994 and established a small private practice with the MFCC, Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist license she earned from the State in 1993. Alisa notes that it took eleven years to earn the Ph.D., and this was during the early years of her son Joshua’s life. Joshua suffered trauma at birth and is developmentally disabled. He lived with Alisa, a single parent, through completion of high school. He now lives in his own apartment in Santa Barbara, with the assistance of supported living services. Alisa credits her training and experience in psychology with helping her guide him to become the outgoing, optimistic young man that he is. She is now able to devote more time and energy to her art. Alisa studied digital photography at UCLA with Paula Goldman, Clover Leary, George Simian, and Joao Enxuto for a class entitled; “Contemporary Now”. Photography is her love and delight. 

Reflections on Art

I am looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary and try to make visible what is not so visible to the common eye.
I try to find the inner life of what I am seeing while coaxing the image to reveal itself to me in new and intriguing ways.
My images are exploratory. I am always trying to look at objects, especially in nature, anew – trying to discover their hidden aspects in the way the light hits them or the shapes that come alive while looking very, very closely.
I love to experiment, bringing new energy and movement to inner relationships, to bring out harmony and line, to travel to new depths of time and space, and to be transported, as when listening to a piece of music.
I am interested in the ‘road less traveled,’ and believe as Frederick Evans, the British photographer, that photography is too important, (as is all art), to simply duplicate reality. I think it should bring new awareness, emotions, and revelations. 


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